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Pre-owned alternatives    |   Authorized partnerships |   Savings up to 75%

Curvature is the world’s largest supplier of new and pre-owned networking equipment, specializing in Cisco, HP, Dell EMC, Arista, Aruba, Ruckus, A10 networks, Supermicro, Brocade and NetApp.

When purchasing pre-owned network hardware through Curvature, you can save up to 75% off manufacturer list prices.

We stage our pre-owned inventory in North America, Europe, and Asia, enabling next-day-delivery to almost every major city in the world. Much of this inventory, including routers, switches and other networking equipment, is still in its original factory sealed box.

Each piece of equipment is tested utilizing our proprietary testing software. It is fully configured and ready for plug-and-play.

All products come with our lifetime warranty. 

We stock the following:

New Networking Equipment: Arista, Aruba, Ruckus, A10 networks
Pre-owned: Cisco

New Servers: Supermicro, Dell EMC, Lenovo
Pre-owned Servers: Cisco, Dell EMC, HP Enterprise

New Storage: Dell EMC, HGST
Pre-owned Storage: Brocade, NetApp

Software Defined: Cumulus Networks, Nutanix, DataCore

Security: Fortinet, Check Point, Open Gear

Virtualization: VMware, Microsoft, Cumulus

Networks Data Center Products: APC by Schneider Electric

Curvature Customer Need | Pain Points

  Procurement Technical
Manufacturer pressure to refresh every 3 years
Forced to upgrade
Products unavailable due to EoS or EoS announcement
Antiquated sales and distribution model
Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt (FUD) from the manufacturer
Slow and rigid quoting and sales process
High cost of hardware    
Long lead times    
High cost of maintenance/support    


  • Keep infrastructure standard | Extend the life of your network | Lower total cost of ownership
  • Frees up resources and capital to reinvest in other projects that require state of the art or current technology
  • Time savings with high level engineers and purchasing officers
  • Customer service – Quick quote to ship turn around
  • Recognized value in assets

Why Curvature?


  • Logistics and global reach
  • Superior technical skills
  • $40M in global inventory
  • High quality and reliable equipment
  • Fast service
  • Superior quality
  • Deep discounts •Highest market value for asset recovery

Key Features

  • Flexible, customizable and hybrid solutions
  • Same Day Shipping on Most Products
  • Tested, configured and ready for plug-n-play
  • Comprehensive Testing Tools
  • Lifetime Warranty


Networking Products  |  Servers  |  Storage  |  Curvature Brand Hardware 

See printable PDF version of our Hardware Solutions here.  

Let's get started

Questions? Email us or call for a quote:

North America: +1 800 230 6638
Europe, Middle East and Africa: +31 (0)20 449 9292
Asia Pacific: +65 6411 7388